R とは統計解析を簡易に記述することに長けた記述言語であり、ときに R を処理できるソフトウエアそのもの、すなわち GNU R をさすことがあります。プログラミング技術抜きで、見た目にも何をしようとしているのか一目瞭然な記述が可能で、統計解析のみならず、汎用的な計算処理系や結果の可視化環境として十分に使える環境を提供しています。GPL で配布されているため、誰でも利用可能です。


名称: R
最新バージョン:R version 3.5.1 (Feather Spray)
CHANGES IN R 3.5.0 patched:
* file(“stdin”) is no longer considered seekable.
* dput() and dump() are no longer truncating when options(deparse.max.lines = *) is set.
* Calls with an S3 class are no longer evaluated when printed, fixing part of PR#17398, thanks to a patch from Lionel Henry.
* Allow file argument of Rscript to include space even when it is first on the command line.
* callNextMethod() uses the generic from the environment of the calling method. Reported by Herv’e Pag`es with well documented examples.
* Compressed file connections are marked as blocking.
* optim(*, lower = c(-Inf, -Inf)) no longer warns (and switches the method), thanks to a suggestion by John Nash.
* predict(fm, newdata) is now correct also for models where the formula has terms such as splines::ns(..) or stats::poly(..), fixing PR#17414, based on a patch from Duncan Murdoch.
* simulate.lm(glm(*, gaussian(link = ))) has been corrected, fixing PR#17415 thanks to Alex Courtiol.
* unlist(x) no longer fails in some cases of nested empty lists. Reported by Steven Nydick.
* qr.coef(qr()) now works. Reported by Kun Ren.
* The radix sort is robust to vectors with >1 billion elements (but long vectors are still unsupported). Thanks to Matt Dowle for the fix.
* Terminal connections (e.g., stdin) are no longer buffered. Fixes PR#17432.
* deparse(x), dput(x) and dump() now respect c()’s argument names recursive and use.names, e.g., for x <- setNames(0, "recursive"), thanks to Suharto Anggono's PR#17427.
* Unbuffered connections now work with encoding conversion. Reported by Stephen Berman.
* .Renviron on Windows with Rgui is again by default searched for in user documents directory when invoked _via_ the launcher icon.
Reported by Jeroen Ooms.
* printCoefmat() now also works with explicit right=TRUE.
* print.noquote() now also works with explicit quote=FALSE.
* The default method for pairs(.., horInd=*, verInd=*) now gets the correct order, thanks to reports by Chris Andrews and Gerrit Eichner. Additionally, when horInd or verInd contain only a subset of variables, all the axes are labeled correctly now.
* agrep(“..|..”, .., fixed=FALSE) now matches when it should, thanks to a reminder by Andreas Kolter.
* str(ch) now works for more invalid multibyte strings.
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