Thin Plate Object
When a THINPLT object detects that the energy equation is being solved, it automatically STOREs the 3D
variable TWAL. This will be filled by the Earth solver with the surface temperatures of each side of the
thin plate. The Editor now allows the emissivity of each side to be set separately.
SUN Object
In a transient case, if the elapsed time was more than two days, the time display stopped updating the
day but incremented the hour past 24. If the elapsed time was more than 99 hours, the graphical display
of the sun location would stop at the midnight position. This has been fixed.
Solver – Earth
Thin Plate Object
The treatment of the THINPLT object has been updated. Instead of the optional 3D variable TWAL
containing the average temperature of the thin plate, TWAL is now required and contains the surface
temperature of each side. This allows for better energy conservation when the plate lies in the X-Y plane
whilst allowing for a smooth restart. TWAL values inside solid blockages will print to RESULT and be
visible in the Viewer.
The thin plate treatment when solving for enthalpy (H1) has been made consistent with that used when
solving for temperature (TEM1).
SUN Object
In a transient case if the elapsed time exceeded 99 hours, the heat source from the SUN object would
switch off, as the sun position became stuck at midnight. This is fixed.
Transient Term in Energy Equation
The re-arrangement of the time-flux summation for the energy equation introduced for Version 2018
v1.0 is strictly only correct for incompressible flow. The term dealing with mass change due to density
difference was erroneously omitted. This has been fixed.
In parallel, the gathering and summing of energy time-fluxes was not correct. It is now fixed.
Note that in both cases it was only the time fluxes printed to RESULT which were incorrect, the source
used in the solution was correct.
Private Solver under Windows 10
It has been reported by users that when a private earexe.exe is built using Studio 2012 or later under
Windows 10, then the build will succeed and generate an earexe.exe but this executable will not start
properly under Windows 10. If the same executable is copied to a machine running Windows 7, it will
run normally.
The problem has been traced to the libraries used for checking the license file, and has been fixed by
using more recent versions of the libraries.
Parallel Bug Fix
For 2018v1.0 a small economy was introduced by not solving for the wall-distance variable (LTLS) when
there were no walls (PLATEs) or obstacles (BLOCKAGEs). In parallel, it is possible for one processor to
satisfy this condition, but another not. In that case the solution will hang as the processors lose
synchronisation. This has been fixed by summing the number of walls over all processors before deciding
to skip the LTLS solution.
InForm MODCON Command
In all previous versions, the InForm command MODCON(var at name is formula with HIGH) did not zero
the low convection flux of the plane above, but the low flux of the current plane. This has been fixed.

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