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NASAで1991年に開発されたPBSを源にしたアルテアエンジニアリング株式会社のPBS Proは、ワークロードとリソース管理を行い、 ジョブ投入を簡易化することができます。Open Grid Forum HPC Basic Profileのメタスケジューリングをサポートし、 可能な限り高いリソース利用度と回復力を実現します。


名称: PBS Professional
最新バージョン:PBS Professional® 18.2.1

1.1 New Features in PBS 18.2
1.1.1 New Cray Features
・Managing Power Usage on Cray
You can power nodes up and down, limit ramp rate, and use power profiles for jobs.
・On Cray, PBS Creates One Vnode per Compute Node
Default behavior on the Cray has changed to create one vnode per compute node.
・Suspend and Resume on Cray
You can use suspend and resume on Cray.
・Installing PBS on Cray CLE 5.2 via RPM
PBS is installed on Cray CLE 5.2 via RPM.
・Performance Enhancement for PBS on Cray via Improved MoM Reporting
You can improve the performance of PBS on Cray by using the vnode_pool vnode attribute. This allows only one MoM to report inventory, and reduces communication traffic.
・Periodic Synchronization of Inventory on Cray
PBS periodically makes sure that its inventory matches what ALPS reports.
・On Cray, Automatic Creation of One Vnode Per Compute Node
PBS automatically creates one vnode for each compute node.
・Installing PBS on CLE 6 via IMPS
・Support for Xeon Phi
PBS supports Xeon Phi.

1.1.2 New Scheduling Features
・Restricting Placement Set Creation to Resources with Values that Have Been Set
・Soft Walltimes for Jobs
You can set a soft walltime for jobs, and PBS can estimate a job’s soft walltime.
・Formula Uses Fairshare
You can use fairshare in the job sorting formula.
・Manage Partitions with Multischeds
You can schedule each partition separately.
・Run Jobs in a Cloud
PBS can burst jobs to a cloud.

1.1.3 New Hooks Features
・The execjob_prologue Hook Runs on All Sister MoMs
The execjob_prologue hook runs on all sister MoMs.
・Python Version Changed to 2.7.1
PBS 14.2.1 uses Python 2.7.1. The use of Python 2.5.1 is deprecated.
・Periodic Server Hook
PBS has a periodic hook that runs at the server.
・Hook to Run Job Start Time Estimator
PBS has a built-in hook named PBS_est that can run the job start time estimator.
・Configurable Python Interpreter Restarts
You can configure how often you want the Python interpreter to restart.
・PBS Can Report Custom Resources Set in Hooks
MoM can accumulate and report custom resources that are set in a hook.

1.1.4 Other New Features
・Managing Job Resource Use with Cgroups
You can use cgroups to manage the resources used by jobs.
・Running Jobs in Containers
Job submitters can run each job in its own container.
・Power Provisioning
PBS can monitor and control job power usage.
・Collecting Diagnostic Information with pbs_snapshot Command
・New pbs_ralter Command
You can change reservations using the pbs_ralter command.
・Privileged Access to Server for MoMs
You can give all MoMs privileged access to the server without having to explicitly add their hosts to the acl_hosts server attribute.
・Releasing Unneeded Vnodes from Jobs
You can release vnodes that were allocated to jobs when those vnodes are no longer needed.
・Running Subjobs Survive Server Restart
Subjobs of an array job will continue to run during a restart of the server.
・Writing Output and Error Files Directly to Final Destination
You can have PBS write your standard output and error files directly to their final destination.
・Deleting Output and Error Files
You can have PBS delete your standard output and error files.
・Output for qstat in JSON and DSV Formats; qstat Attribute Output on Single Line
You can get output from qstat in JSON or DSV formats. You can also print out attribute information in one unbroken line.
・Specifying Resources to Release on Suspension
You can specify which resources you want released when jobs are suspended.
・Maintenance State for Powered-up Vnodes
You can suspend a job and put all the vnodes belonging to a job into the maintenance state.
・Debuginfo RPM Package
PBS is packaged with a debuginfo RPM package.
・Logging Hostname and Interfaces
Each time a log file is opened, PBS logs the hostname and interface information.
・Subjobs Survive Server Restarts
Subjobs keep running after you stop the server.
You can see all attributes for subjobs.
・Jobs Can Use Provisioning for Some Chunks
Jobs can request an AOE for some chunks as long as all chunks use the same AOE.
・Node Licenses
You can license your hosts using node licenses.
・PBS Can Send Mail for Subjobs
PBS can send mail for subjobs.

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