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NASAで1991年に開発されたPBSを源にしたアルテアエンジニアリング株式会社のPBS Proは、ワークロードとリソース管理を行い、 ジョブ投入を簡易化することができます。Open Grid Forum HPC Basic Profileのメタスケジューリングをサポートし、 可能な限り高いリソース利用度と回復力を実現します。


名称: PBS Professionalx
バージョン:PBS Professional® 2022.1
1.1 New Features in This Release
・Cloud Costs Integrated with Budgets
You can get quotes for and manage cloud job costs. See the PBS Professional Budgets Guide.
・New Hooks
PBS has the new hook events postqueuejob, management, modifyvnode, jobobit, resv_begin, resv_confirm, and modifyresv. See the PBS Professional Hooks (Plugins) Guide
・New Option to pbs_ralter to Specify Allowed Idle Time
PBS lets you alter a reservation to specify its allowed idle time
・Choice of Mailer is Configurable
You can choose the mailer PBS uses via the new mailer server attribute.
・Multi-host Jobs Can Resume After MoM Restart
Multi-vnode jobs can survive a MoM restart when using pbs_mom -p.
・MoM Can Use Custom Command for Local Copy
You can configure MoM to use a custom command for local copy, by specifying the command in the PBS_CP parameter in pbs.conf
・Scheduler Can Run as Non-root User
The scheduler(s) can run as a user other than root.
・Scheduler Makes Persistent Connection to Server
ach scheduler makes a persistent connection to the server.
・Ability to Obfuscate Existing Snapshots
You can obfuscate existing snapshots.
・Adding Resources to Running Reservations
You can add resources to a running reservation.

1.2.1 New Scheduling Features
・Restricting Placement Set Creation to Resources with Values that Have Been Set (18.2)
・Soft Walltimes for Jobs (18.2)
You can set a soft walltime for jobs, and PBS can estimate a job’s soft walltime.
・Formula Uses Fairshare (18.2)
You can use fairshare in the job sorting formula.
・Manage Partitions with Multischeds (18.2)
You can schedule each partition separately.
・Run Jobs in a Cloud (18.2)
PBS can burst jobs to a cloud. See the PBS Professional Cloud Guide.

1.2.2 New Hooks Features
・The execjob_prologue Hook Runs on All Sister MoMs (18.2)
The execjob_prologue hook runs on all sister MoMs.
・Python Version Changed to 2.7.1 (18.2)
PBS 18.2.1 uses Python 2.7.1. The use of Python 2.5.1 is deprecated.
・Periodic Server Hook (18.2)
PBS has a periodic hook that runs at the server.
・Hook to Run Job Start Time Estimator (18.2)
PBS has a built-in hook named PBS_est that can run the job start time estimator.
・Configurable Python Interpreter Restarts (18.2)
You can configure how often you want the Python interpreter to restart.
・PBS Can Report Custom Resources Set in Hooks (18.2)
MoM can accumulate and report custom resources that are set in a hook.

PBS Professional 2022.1 Administrator’s Guide (altair.com)
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