GRRM developed by K. Ohno and S. Maeda enables one to follow all reaction pathways from an equilibrium (EQ) point towards structures of transition states (TS) surrounding the EQ point.


Visomin is developed by HPC SYSTEMS Inc. from full scratch. Visomin parses lots of GRRM output files, and makes a simple figure on a web-based interface. It assists you powerfully on the analysis of reaction pathways derived from GRRM.

QMMM plus

Software for easy handling of MD and QM/MM simulations.
You can easily and automatically obtain many molecular properties in mixed solvent beyond the traditional polarizable continuum model(PCM), for example,

Reaction plus

Transition states and reaction paths can be obtained by specifying the reactant and product geometries.
Complicated paths can be also available by specifying the multiple intermediate geometries.


  • [August 01, 2017] :We exhibit 254th ACS (American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition) !!
  • [May 01, 2017] :Announced New Chemical Reaction route optimization Software「Reaction plus Express」
  • [October 17, 2016] :Released Force field optimization Software「Simple Fit」
  • [April 18, 2016] :Released Reaction plus Pro for Windows
  • [Novemver 27, 2015] :「Reaction plus」is selected at Institute for Molecular Science Supercomputer Center
  • [ May 01, 2015 ] :Announced Reaction route optimization Software「Reaction plus」
  • [April 20, 2012] :We exhibit 14th ICQC !!
  • [April 20, 2012] : English site open !!