Corporate Information

Established July, 2006
Board of Member Teppei Ono, President
Hiroyuki Seki, VP, CTO Department
Maki Hasegawa, VP, HPC Department
Masayasu Saito, HPC Department
Number of Employees 83 (as of June 2017)
Capital 153 mil yen
Headquarter LOOP-X 8F 3-9-15 kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
Factory Facilities 174-1 Momonouchi Note-aza, Sousa Chiba Japan
About HPC Systems Inc. HPC Systems Inc. is a leading system integrator of High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions. Since its inception in 2006, has quickly established itself as a technology and performance leader in Japanese small to mid-range HPC market. Our Company plans for further growth and developments in world class HPC Cloud solutions, to support our customers research and technological development in worldwide.
Japan's leading HPC Integrator HPC Systems’ solutions are in use across the country by power hungry customers in leading research institutes, including government labs, universities and multi-national corporate R&D centers.